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Indigo blue medicinal plants, Nil Awariya (Indigofera tinctoria)

Indigo blue (Indigofera tinctoria) also known as ''Nil awariya'' is a small native plant that grows up to 2m tall. Sometimes seen as a bush. The young parts of the plant are covered with a white owl. Asynchronous compact sheets linear and leaflets linear The upper surface of the leaflets is bright green.
The subterranean silver is with a delicate owl The pink flowers in an orbital inflorescence are beautiful. A bunch of bisexual flowers petals in a cluster. The fruit is either straight or slightly curved. In the panicle form 8-12 seeds. Because of its blue pigment: the most popular blue aria plant belongs to the genus Fabaceae.

Indigo blue uses the entire herb to treat ailments, bloating, urine, kidney stones, mites, snake poisoning, Mumps, biting crazy dogs, premature hair Ices, skin disease and eye disease. Indigo blue plant has many properties such as urinating, poisoning, soreness, rashes, hair growth. The blue oil is a well-known medicinal oil that is known to cure headaches as well as red rashes. The Indigo blue plant is listed as a herbal remedy.

In the cage of respirators system diseases such as tuberculosis, asthma and inflammation, the Indigo blue plants are used to drink with fresh cow milk. Brushing your teeth with a Indigo blue stem sticks helps cure tooth infection. In the kidney disease, applying the chopped leaf mixture as a lining to the stomach can facilitate urination. The Indigo blue medicinal plant leaves chopped with water and  apply for alleviate gastric, ulcers. For red rashes, the leaves should be washed with boiled water and chopped and coated. For the snake bite, the roots of Indigo blue medicinal plant grind with rice and apply biting location and its help to reduce pain. The blue-eyed, False daisy, turmeric and curd rice combine to stop premature hair fall.

Due to the dark blue color of the oil the Indigo blue medicinal plants is used as a color scheme. It has also been used as a natural pigment in the paintings of temples.
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